Repo CB T&G Subfloor

CB Tongue & Groove Floor

CB T&G Floor combines the basic qualities of Repo by Sorbes Chipboards (see CB) with a tongue and groove profile, offering a really practical solution for laying subfloors.

Repo by Sorbes Groove Floor Tales Image

Main uses:

  • Efficient construction of load-bearing subfloors in commercial and residential applications
  • Just as suitable for new constructions as for the renovation of timber houses, cottages etc.
  • Stable joints, with a completely smooth surface, forming a perfect substrate for parquet, linoleum, carpeting etc.

Ergonomic and practical features:

  • Ideal heat and noise insulation characteristics
  • Strong P4 board (load-bearing; higher-quality values for bending strength, internal bond and elasticity comparable with type P2)
  • Boards with good holding strength of screws
  • Special sizes for easy laying by one person

Mechanical and physical properties:
Repo P4 CB T&G Subfloor complies with European standard EN 312 and EN 13986.

Requirements of P4 load-bearing CB T&G Subfloor for use in dry conditions:

Properties Test method Unit Requirement
Size   mm 580 x 1800
580 x 2400
600 x 1800
Thickness   mm 18, 22

General requirements for all board types at dispatch
Tolerance on nominal dimensions: Thickness (sanded) within
and between boards
EN 324-1 mm ± 0.3
Length and width   mm ± 5
Edge-straightness tolerance EN 324-2 mm/m 1.5
Squareness tolerance EN 324-2 mm/m 2
Moisture content EN 322 % 5–13
Tolerance on the mean density EN 323 % ± 10
Formaldehyde release, according to EN 13986: Class E1 perforator value EN 120 mg/100 g < 8.0 oven dry board


Requirements of P4 CB T&G Subfloor for use in dry conditions, according to EN 312 and EN1386 standards:

Mechanical and swelling properties Test method Unit Requirement
Bending strength P4 22mm EN 310 N/mm 13
Modulus of elasticity in bending EN 310 N/mm 2050
Internal bond EN 319 N/mm 0.30
Swelling in thickness, 24 h EN 317 % 15

  The EC Certificate of Factory Production Control No. 0809 - CPD - 0631 was awarded by the Technical Research Centre of Finland, VTT. T&G Subfloor has CE marking.

Standard packaging CB T&G FLOOR

Size mm Boards
pcs / package
22 580 x 1800 30 0.689 460 660
22 580 x 2400 30 0.92 610 660
22 600 x 1800 30 0.71 470 660

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